Новый альтернативный чат

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Stay in touch even if Bitrix24 Open Lines are overloaded!

To exchange messages through the WhatsApp, the application ChatsApp24 uses the open channels mechanism developed in Bitrix24

There have recently been situations where Open channels are overloaded or unavailable. In this case, clients cannot write: the icon next to the message shows the looped download process and does not change to "sent" and "delivered"

Статус отправлено
Статус доставлено

Пример зависания сообщения

Customers are also unable to contact you at this time.

Bitrix24 is working to fix the problem. For its part, to minimize inconvenience, in the new version of ChatsApp24 developed Alternative Chat, which does not use Open Lines for communication.

No additional settings are needed. Just open Alternative Chat and chat. To do this:

1. In your contact, transaction, or company card, click the ChatsApp24 tab:

Новая вкладка ChatsApp24

Кнопка альтернативного чата

2. On the page that opens, click the alternative chat button.

Alternative Chat Button


The button is displayed if you opened ChatsApp24 in the specified way. If you go to ChatsApp24 from the Comment and Case Creation pane, the button is displayed only if:

  • you have more than one channel ChatsApp24;
  • Contact has multiple phone numbers.

Otherwise, the button will not be displayed.

Always with Alternative Chat

3. The opened chat window displays all customers with whom employees communicate:

Alternative Chat

The interface is familiar and convenient, as it is similar to the web interface WhatsApp. Select a contact,

write the message and press the send or ENTER button.

Message Synchronization.

Messages sent to "" Alternate Chat "" are synchronized to Open Line chats and marked: Параллельный чат

Other opportunities

  • Alternative Chat displays even completed dialogs. Previously, to see them, I had to open a special window. Now it's easy to remember the details of communicating with the client, schedule the necessary work or resume the conversation.
  • All correspondence with the customer is displayed in each individual chat. Even the one that was carried out before the installation of CRM Bitrix24 and the connection of Open Lines. This means that the full history of interaction with the client is always at hand, which will help build more personal communication with him.

To evaluate new ChatsApp24 features, please reinstall the app.

This is the first version of Alternative Chat, we will continue to develop it and make the functionality even wider. If you have questions and suggestions, write a message to the WhatsApp number in the +79585826158. https://wa.me/79585826158

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